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Screwed Shoes

Posted by toddruns on December 8, 2007

With winter upon us, its time to get out the cordless drill and screw some shoes for running on icy and snow-packed trails and sidewalks. Sure, you buy some Yaktrax for 29.95, but screwing is both cheaper and more fun. Plus, it is hard to make a double entendre with Yaktrax.

First, if you’ve never seen a screwed shoe before, I am sure you are thinking How do you screw them from the inside?, and Don’t they hurt your feet? Right about here is where a picture explains more than words can (click on image for larger view):

Screwed Shoes
I put a lot on the fore and mid-foot area, and 4 or 5 on the heel area. I use #6 x 3/8″ long Hex-Head sheet metal screws, I paid about $3.50 for a box of 100 at my local hardware store. I’ve never had a problem with this length falling out, not have they ever gone all the way through the outsoles of my shoe and caused me pain.

I use a cordless drill, and the holder for my screw driver bits is sized right to drive in the hex-head. You can always get the proper sized attachment for the drill.

That’s about it. Happy screwing!


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