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City of Lakes

Posted by toddruns on September 7, 2008

Since I signed up for TCM about 2 weeks ago (prompting me to say: “You know you’re an ultra runner when it’s no big deal to sign up for a marathon with only 6 weeks to train”), I was a little bit unsure how to run this. Originally when I signed up for City of Lakes, I was not planning on running TCM and I was looking forward to seeing how I could do for the 25k distance on the road. I had signed up twice before for this race but never made it to the starting line due to injuries. 

Now I could either run it as a marathon pace run or just race it and see what happens. I decided to use it as a test of my current level of fitness and race it. Of course, in the back of my mind I am still harboring delusions of qualifying for Boston, even though the beauty of signing up for TCM with so little time to train was the implied goal of just enjoying it and not setting any expectations.

After looking at the  calculator over at McMillan Running I determined that if I ran a 2:02 or thereabouts that would be mean an equivalent marathon performance of 3:34.

The short story is – I did it. I ran a 2:02:19 by my watch, for a 7:52 avg pace. I had targeted a goal pace of between 7:52 and 7:55. I had some faster miles in there – mostly due to getting caught up with other runners and not running my own race – something I will have to get better at. The fastest were miles 4 and 9 – both about 7:40, and my worst were miles 13 and 14, at 8:05 and 8:09 respectively. The rest of the time I managed to run pretty even in the 7:50 to 7:54 range, which I was pretty pleased with. I also managed to run the last mile and a half in 7:54 and 4:04 (7:45 pace) which was also satisfying. It was cool, cloudy and a little humid, I’d say very decent conditions overall.


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