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Pre-Race Jitters

Posted by toddruns on October 4, 2008

Here I am less than a day from the start of TCM. I am a little nervous, but shouldn’t be since I had pretty minimal expectations when I signed up. However, it seems I’ve managed to pick up that Boston Qualifying time dream again, as I’ve been looking at various ways I can average 8:11 for the race. It should be doable. On the other hand, I always seem to under-perform at this distance. I think of all my marathons, I’ve only had one where I finished close to my goal and had a good time doing so. So – the weather looks good, the training has gone well (albeit a little bit abbreviated) and I have no injuries to blame. OK – there’s a little tendinitis in my right foot, but it doesn’t seem to bother me while running. No excuses, right? I only need to avoid going out too fast – which I always have a tendency to do.

My plan is to try and run 8:22 – 8:24 for the first mile, and then 8:20 for 2, then slowly pick it up to the 8:08 – 8:10 range. Do my best to stay even splits, but allow some float between 8:06 and 8:10 /8:11. Allow for some slowing from 21 to 23. Never go below 8:00 until I’m on Summit past Snelling. Assuming I feel good towards the end, then I can put the hammer down around mile 25. Take 4 or 5 gels. Take Succeed at 1 hour intervals. And have fun. I should have put that first.

I picked up my packet last night and saw Maria at the Expo and Joel Button who is turning this race into the last 26.2 of a 100 mile effort. I had entertained thoughts a while back of running from the finish to the start and then running the race for a 52 mile effort, but that was before I realized that I might be in good enough shape to attempt to run it fast (fast for me anyway). Anyway – it is always fun for me to see all of the competition at the Expo, and most of all to see so many fit people in one spot is always pretty inspiring. It is cool to think that there will be 9000 plus lining up to start the marathon and another 5000 running the 10 mile.

Good luck to all those running this or the 10 mile.


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