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Posted by toddruns on October 5, 2008

This is sort of an abbreviated version of my impressions of the race. There was lots of rain early on, especially from mile 6 to about mile 9. There was a little bit of a brisk breeze here and there too, especially off of Calhoun. I missed my (ultimate) goal by 50 seconds, but still managed to PR by 17 minutes. I am officially pleased with my effort, and I no longer feel like I suck at the marathon distance. I also know what I need to do should I try again (besides training for more than 6 weeks). My chip time was 3:36:49.

My race highlights include: feeling great much longer into a marathon race than I ever have before (up to and beyond 20 miles), noticing the great crowd support under less than ideal conditions, the cool temps, and seeing friends along the way. I really do enjoy being part of this race, since it was my first race ever (not just my first marathon) and that event sent me down this crazy and fun journey of long distance running. My favorite sign of the day was timely. My feet were feeling a little sore on the bottoms ( I was wearing my Asics racing flats) and as I turned the corner from Cretin onto Summit, there were some women cheering and they had a sign that read something like this: “Your feet are sore from kicking ass!”. It was fun to see Matt along the course, as well as my friend Jeni who had to sit this one out after training hard all summer.  I chatted with Helen at the finish, and I ran a few miles with my colleague Jan from work. I also got to hang with a few friends (Kerri, Dawn, Dean and Chanda) before the race. It was a great day. It will be interesting to see what all the training miles earlier this year do for my recovery. That mileage sure helped me out with the abbreviated training cycle.

Todd Rowe
bib number: 1583
age: 52
gender: M
location: Excelsior, MN
overall place: 1233 out of 7966
division place: 78 out of 472
gender place: 1092 out of 4803
time: 3:37:22
pace: 8:17
chip time: 3:36:49
5k: 25:19
10k: 50:11
half: 1:46:13
30k: 2:30:53
20 mile: 2:42:05

2 Responses to “TCM / MTCM”

  1. Diane said

    Some more book recommendations, as I was on a mountain climbing book kick earlier this summer:
    David Roberts “True Summit…”, “High Exposure” by David Brashears. Ed Viestur’s book on climbing the highest summits. All very good books!

  2. toddruns said

    I’ve read Viesturs’ book, as well as the one by David Brashears – and I liked them both. I’ll have to check out the one by David Roberts – thanks for the recommendation.

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