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Afton Trail Run -2009 Edition

Posted by toddruns on July 4, 2009

25k in 2:44:01. This was supposed to be my second or 3rd ultra this year, but in the end it was not to be. On Thursday I emailed John Storkcamp and asked him to switch me from the 50k to the 25k race. It was a good choice. The factors were many: a lack of focused training for the 50k distance (my longest run since Chippewa was 18 miles last weekend), no trail running to speak of, and instead of a nice taper week of easy running and getting lots of rest –  I was instead trying to get ready for the Border to Border Relay ace in 4 weeks. Sunday was an 18 mile run; I paddled Monday (about 100 minutes worth); ran on Tuesday (6 miles hilly fast), Wednesday (14×400 intervals), and Thursday (10 miles); and then biked 50 miles on Friday. No wonder I was tired during the race this morning. I certainly felt the fatigue on a couple of the hills. But it was still fun, and although I was drenched from the humidty after the first 4 miles, I didn’t get too hot since the cloud cover kept the heat down. I also enjoyed the freedom to run hard when I felt like knowing that I only had to finish one lap. As usual, the aid stations were superb, the technical shirts as cool as ever (a BIG reason I didn’t want to skip the race altogether), and the organization top notch. I stayed around long enough to watch Helen finish as first female, and then I hit the road to get home.


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