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Running in NYC

Posted by toddruns on September 19, 2010

I wasn’t sure I’d like running through downtown (or was it uptown?, Nope – Midtown!) Manhattan, but it turned out to be very enjoyable. I was in NY for 3 days attending a conference for work, and I was determined to get my workouts in. Actually, not having the distractions of home meant that once I was awake, there was little else for me to do anyway but head out the door, because theĀ  none of the 3 Starbucks within a couple of blocks of my hotel were open that early. I was about a mile or so from the Southeast corner of Central Park (59th and 5th Ave) so I ran to the park and then different variations everyday of courses through the park. It was hillier than I thought it would be. Also – there were lots of runners and bikers out early every morning. Even the morning I started at 5:00 AM there were still quite a few runners out. I liked running on the bridal path (unpaved) around the reservoir (the reservoir path was fine too), but it was also fun to run along Central Park Drive and have the company of the cyclists practicing their echelons and sprints.

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